How to fit a MIRROR to a porcelain tile or very hard stone with Porsadrill diamond holesaw tile drills

Fitting a Mirror to a bathroom wall with large stone tiles

Now your bathroom is getting close to its finish (tiles grouted) walls painted its time to fit those little accessories that make life easier in a bathroom. In this instance we are putting up a mirror.

The main challenge is whether to follow the TILE LINE or the PLUMB LINE. So we make a series of measurements.

tiled wall

This is the working wall. And the mirror has to be fitted above the brown glass tiles but not so high as to catch the pitched roof line. Also central.

bathroom tiles
Measure, Measure, Measure.

Above are two areas of masking tape “in the general area of the fitting lugs”

First we measure above the tile line then put a level on. The fittings are drawn round on the tape. Is everything the right way up? We draw eyelets on the tape.


The first holes are drilled…. Always nerve racking to start.. Above you can see that we have finished one hole. And started the next.

drilling holes tiles

Lets get rid of the tape to check our work

tile drills

Looking perfect! – You can see that once we start drilling there is a dimple or ring which the drill bit will seat into.
diamond drills

The drill cant slip now that pit has been formed.
Just remember to add water by holding a sponge under the drill bit


Fit your rawl plugs. I always throw away the supplied plugs and fit my own. Red for 6mm and Brown for 8mm. That way I know for sure I get a secure fit. Buying a lot of rawl plugs in bulk is cheap and saves you time.

drilling porcelain

Now is the moment of truth…. Did all that measuring make for a spot on job? The tape is pulled back. The screws are tight.. And we have a mirror!

Diamond drilling of any tile in 6mm or 8mm is guaranteed not to split your tile.

Used with a battery drill will ensure a SLOW and CONTROLLED start. Once you are in – then speed up if you want.


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