How to install a glass shower door or panel in a bathroom with PORCELAIN tiles with 365 tile drills

How to install a shower door or panel

FACT: Shower glass at 10mm is heavy and need a number of fixings to hold that weight!

At some stage you will need to install your shower glass panel and door. Most units come as an assembly pack that make use of
1) Large screws
2) Metal channels to secure the glass
3) Extra lugs or wall braces.
4) Glue
5) Foam Strips
6) Mastic.

tile drill bits

And here it is…. This is our wall. We need to drill it twice
1) To fit the frame.
2) To reinforce the frame with lugs.

diamond drill bits

First we mark out the wall to the area where the metal bar will fit. (Sorry the photo is faint) Look to the second tile in and you will see the dots for the scews. In this case the metal bar has holes pre-drilled to accept the screws. You have to match the holes in the bar to the tile. Remember to lift up the bar a little if it has a 45* angle at the bottom. Thats because you will slide a second bar along the shower tray.

porcelain drills

We’ve made a start… This is one of four 8mm holes we are forming into the porclelain tiles.

Now we fit the metal bar to the wall. In this case its glued and screwed.

Now we mark out for the lugs. You can see a lug fitted to the shower glass just in shot on the right hand side. We have fitted the glass into theat channel and then drawn the screw holes on the wall (heavy work)

drilling large tiles

The template is used to hold the drill steady on the porcelain and prevent wander or drill slip.

tile drill bits

Drilling begins…

hard tiles drills
A perfect set of holes…

holesaws diamond

Closeup of those holes. Ready for brown plugs


Now all we do is lift this glass sheet and place it into the channel.

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