Installing RADIATOR pipes with diamond drilling kit like Porsadrill by 365 drills bits in porcelain tiles

Tile drills for radiator pipes with our kit – By Richard Hazell of 365-Drills

Often when tiling a floor you will find the tail pipes and valves for standard radiators sticking up. Its possible to cut a deep “U” slot into the tile but the results can look ugly. Even a fine cut will show up. If you can remove the valve from the pipe then you can drill a hole into the tile and fit the pipes. The correct size is 40mm. But of course a 40mm hole with a 15mm pipe will look oversized. To conceal the hole fit a 45mm cover plate over the opening. Follow the guide below for full instructions.

1) Drill a 40mm hole into the tile.

tile drill

2) Slip radiator pipe WITH the valve over the hole

3) Seat tile down onto grout and press in place

4) The Hole at 40mm looks too big for the pipe.

Slip a pipe cover over to cap off for a perfect result

Main Website for tile drills

What happens if you use a drill bit less than 40mm when drilling holes into tiles for valves

We tried drilling smaller holes into a tile with a 30mm drill instead of a 40mm.

As you can see on the photo above 2x30mm holes side by side into a elliptical pattern make it wide enough to pass the valve through.

But examine the hole now shaded with the black area from a 40mm drill,. The actual amount of tile saved is minimal and so the test is not successful.

The best way to bore a hole into a tile of ceramic or porcelain with the express purpose of bringing through a standard radiator valve and 15mm copper supply pipe is to use a 40mm drill and to cap off with a 45mm cover plate.

In addition to the extra time and effort of drilling the 30mm also makes the hole look ugly. If for any reason in the future the cover plate comes off or is lost etc then the 40mm looks elegant. The 30mm twin hole does not.


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