The use of WATER to cool a diamond drill bit as it is cutting into porcelain tiles drilling grante etc

Keeping a 365 drill bit cool is easy

Every installer has a bucket and sponge to hand on site.

Make use of what is already there….

Avoid excessive heat build up… Cool drills last longer


  • Soak your sponge in water
  • Hold under the rotating diamond crown.
  • Squeeze into bucket and remove spoil...


Your wet sponge held underneath the crown will cool it by preventing heat build up.

It also collects the dust keeping your worksite clean!

Q: I see other systems cool their drills with pressurized water containers, hosepipes, water delivery systems like arbors, plus hi-tec water jets and delivery pumps.

So where is your equipment? Do I have to buy extra things?

A: Why bother to buy expensive and cumbersome pressurized bottles, water sprays, jets, pumps, feed lines when you already have a bucket of water and a sponge to hand.

Secondary water systems waste your time filling tanks with fresh water, setting them up, storage and of course cost money.. If you love gadgets and gizmos – fine. Remember you are drilling a hole not performing major heart surgery. Dont forget the more water you stream onto a site equals the more mess you make and need to clear up ! Water damage during construction is harmful and wasteful.

Q: Do I need any water?

A: Yes you need SOME but will be surprised how little is actually required. Just a splash per hole is enough. :

1.You need water to: Remove the heat that will build up in the diamond crown. Cold diamond crowns work better to a maximum of luke warm. Hot drilling is bad news for its lifespan… however holding a wet sponge under the crown delivers enough water to keep it cool. Its that easy!

2. You need water to: Reduce dust. When you drill the hole (actually you grind the hole) fine particles of porcelain form. With water jet systems the dust is forced to stream down the wall over a large surface area. If the floor or work area is not yet water tight this mix of water and spoil can be difficult and time consuming to collect. In any case collection of the water is an additonal step. Porcelain dust is so fine it gets caught in wooden floors, plasterboard, floor joists and makes a general mess over a wide area.

However if you hold a wet sponge directly under the diamond crown as you drill then not only do you lubricate and cool the crown, but the spoil actually collects in the sponge. You gain total control of the drill site. To manage the spoil simply stop drilling, drop the sponge into your water bucket and squeeze it out!


The point is magnified the higher up the wall you drill. Example: Imagine you are fitting a window blind to a tiled wall and need to drill four holes. To reach you stand on your stepladder with the drill slightly above your head.

Think about the water jet example. You have the inital burden of raising all the equipment to the correct level to reach the drill site. Things like water delivery hose pipes, heavy water pressurised container, the water jets, heavy drills, arbors as well as other stuff like mops and buckets just to drill a hole. And dont forget you have to pump the handle to pressurise the container as you drill… But imagine also the water stream coming down the wall, down your arms or over your head as you drill. Its messy. And uncomfortable.

In contrast standing on a stepladder with a lightweight battery drill and a small wet sponge with total control over water loss is much much more comfortable and simple.

Q: Why do other systems spray a continuous jet of water?

A: Those systems rely on a pilot drill or central “carbide steel pilot” to guide the core. PROBLEM! The pilot is made of carbide so burns out quickly if heated. The pilot will blunt if it gets hot. To prevent burnout a water jet must be used continuously. This requires a pressurized container full of fresh water. A pipe feed control system. A water delivery jet.

Q: Are there obvious advantages for PORSADRILL and the 365drill kit ?
  • Very low water use. Water is precious so save it. Reuse water from the bucket!
  • A sponge collects dust as you drill to eliminate mess and clean up.
  • No set up time so you work a lot quicker. Go home earlier !
  • Diamond drills recover from accidental overheating. Carbide wont.
  • Save the expense of buying a pump and water jet.
  • Save the cost of buying an arbor attachment.
  • Avoid hassle clutter with water pipes, attachment and mechanical devices.
  • You wont flood areas not yet water tight.
  • Why bring more equipment that necessary? Its already there !



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  1. Diamond Drill Bits Says:

    The three step for to cool a diamond drill bit tips were really helpful..Thank you..

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